Apart from the countries from this region, in 2015, a major project of cooling the bird farm in Qatar was completed. The farm is located in the city Al Khor, and is a private property, as well as the home for many rare bird species. Summer temperatures in Qatar range from 50°C and represent a major problem to living beings.

TE cooling designed and executed the works on installing the cooling systems on the farm, which measured 145m x 45m. Moreover, works have also been performed on water supply from special canisters so that the system could operate.

The facility where the equipment was placed – the pump, control box, filters and frequency pump was air conditioned so that the equipment wouldn’t stop operating due to very high temperatures. High-quality equipment, as well as top tools and special self-propelled barge (crane), were used in performing the cooling works on this farm. The cooling effects satisfied the owner of the farm, which is what is the most important to us – a satisfied client.



Al Khor , Qatar


Restoran - Almaty , Kazahstan