Our systems are efficient in solid and liquid waste. The process involves the atomization of neutralizing chemicals (to block the perception smell), the smell of absorbers (which change compounds that cause unpleasant odors) or completely natural bio-neutralizers that modify the natural decomposition and prevent the formation of odors.

It is used in large open spaces or inside facilities where there is a problem with waste material, in wastewater treatment, with animals, in the chemical industry, in petrochemical refineries ...

Reagents used to destroy unpleasant smells are absolutely natural extracts of plants (essential oils, etc.). These are not perfumes or masking agents, but rather products that when sprayed near unpleasant odors, they absorb them and transform them into biodegradable compounds without unpleasant odor.

These products are completely ecological, non-poisonous, non-polluting, non-corrosive, and biodegradable.

They consist of elements that are often used in the food and cosmetics industry.

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