Our systems are designed for this use, they lower the temperature, reduce the amount of insects, decrease dust and improve air quality in the environment of horses. In this way they create an environment that is necessary for a long-term health and safety of horses.

The TE cooling system is based on the principle of water evaporation, which creates the finest particles of water that are spread into the atmosphere under high pressure. The heat is absorbed and converted into a colder environment.

When the body temperature of a horse increases, their sweating process imitates what our systems do - evaporative cooling. In this way, horses use 70% of their cooling abilities, while the other 30% use for panting. By trying to cool the body with panting, the horse will exhale a large amount of warm air and, under ideal conditions, inhale the air that is cooler than the inside temperature of the body. This is effective only if the outside air is colder than the air inside.

TE cooling systems reduce the temperature of the air that horses inhale and thus increase the effect of internal cooling of the body of horses.
Insects - also a major problem that can be solved by using our systems. Insects don’t react well to water in the air which affects their wings, and therefore the conditions for flying become more difficult.

TTE cooling systems can be installed with a special dosing pump into which it is possible to add concentrated additives to eliminate insects which would completely eliminate their presence. These concentrates are completely natural and without chemical components, and they represent a natural shield against insect without compromising animal health.

Eliminating dust and unpleasant smellsis implied which makes the air clean and better for breathing.

Effects of TE-cooling System

  • The ambient temperature decreases
  • It reduces and completely eliminates the presence of insects
  • The heat stress decreases
  • Air quality is increased
  • Dust control
  • ssibility of inserting certain odors and aromas in the air
  • Disinfection of air

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