Dehydration of products is blocked. Fruits, vegetables, fish products, meat and cheese contain a large amount of water. The loss of freshness and weight of these products most often occurs due to their rapid dehydration. Water evaporates due to the difference in its quantity in vegetables or fruits, and the amount of water in their environment (dry air). The purpose of the misting system is to regain the optimum level of humidity in the air and to reduce the temperature of the environment, thereby blocking the dehydration / loss of water of the mentioned products.

Misting systems can easily be installed on shelves where products are kept or even in refrigerators, provided that automatic air humidity control is used.

Also, misting systems prevent spreading of unpleasant odors in the environment!

How does it work?

Normist high-pressure system (70 bar) pumps the water through very small nozzles to produce such fine water particles which immediately evaporate without creating moisture and thus maintain moisture and cold in the air.

Due to a built-in timer, which regulates the system's operational time intervals in seconds, the ultra-light water mist is emitted directly on products for a few seconds, which reduces dehydration and maintains the weight of the product and keeps it fresh.

Therefore, the benefits of the misting system are the following:

  • Product dehydration is blocked
  • weight loss decreases
  • Prolonged freshness – products do not rot as often
  • Temperatures are reduced
  • Prevents the spread of unpleasant odors

Where can the Misting system be used:

  • On fruits and vegetables shelves in supermarkets
  • At fish markets
  • Refrigerators and cold storage plants
  • At the butcher’s in supermarkets
  • Fruit and vegetable warehouses
  • In the food processing industry

Result in ideal conditions -95%