Of course, this happens when air-conditioning devices are needed most, when summer heats are the highest. Increasing the air-conditioning capacities to the extremes cannot solve these problems. The only solution is to decrease the inlet air temperature that passes through the condenser, which effectively increases the capacity of condensers. Installing the systems for pre-cooling of condensers directly reduces the energy consumption necessary for the operation of condensers, which may be reduced up to 50%.

TE cooling systems produce a fog which consists of micron-sized water drops, which are generated by spraying water under high pressure through tiny openings of the nozzles. The required pressure (55 – 70 bar) is achieved by using a high pressure pump. Water is distributed towards the nozzles through special high-pressure pipes. Once the water enters the nozzle, it is converted into particles of water mist of 3 - 5 μm under high pressure. When a drop of water of a micronized size comes in contact with hot air, it quickly evaporates by absorbing the heat, which results in cooling of the air. The higher the evaporation and cooling, the higher the air temperature.

The expenses of system maintenance are low, and the system itself is long-lasting due to its simplicity and because it was made of quality materials. The benefits of using the Normist systems for pre-cooling of air conditioners are the following:

  • Extended life cycle of air conditioners
  • significant savings in terms of energy consumption (up to 50%)
  • safety (the devices will not break under high outdoor temperature)
  • cooling capacity and quieter operation
  • maintenance costs savings
  • devices become even more eco-friendly



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