TE cooling & heating d.o.o. at the time of its establishment was in charge of carrying out works and servicing, and today it is also in charge of the distribution of the evaporative cooling system - the mist cooling system. It works with Telekomelektro d.o.o. in all the jobs they have.

In 2008, a special branch of the company was established called "TE cooling" (TelekomElektro cooling), which deals exclusively with cooling systems for catering facilities, animal farms, markets, halls, and greenhouses by special adiabatic systems - Mist cooling systems that convert high pressure water into vapor that cools the air. With the same principle, we also maintain the humidity of the air in industrial and agricultural facilities, as well as disinfection, eliminating dust and unpleasant odors.

TE cooling & heating and Telekomelektro cooling are general distributers of the world’s largest brans in the field of pumps and mist cooling systems that operate on high pressure water, such as: Idrobase, Normist, CAT, Bertolini, Annovi Reverberi, Interpump, Dunfoss...

Evaporating systems that we design, customize, sell, execute works and maintain are exclusively state-of-the-art systems for which we guarantee and stand by with our name.

The work we perform is executed with special attention in order to achieve our primary goal, and that is to have a satisfied client, which we indeed have a lot.

TE cooling offers project design, selling of Mist cooling system for cooling of balconies, gardens, animal farms, greenhouses, markets and halls, selling of spare parts, installation and complete service and maintenance of the system!


Ever since it was founded in 1992, the company Telekomelektro d.o.o. has had a successful business on the territory of Serbia and its neighboring countries. Telekomelektro d.o.o., as a distributer of cable tools for telecommunication company Tyco Electronics, and before that, the Raychem company, has worked on many markets and had a special place in that business field. It has been a long-term and the biggest supplier of tools for landline telephony in Telekom Srbija a.d. Apart from Telekom Srbija, the company also supplies companies such as Telekom Srpska, Telekom Montenegro, and Telekom Hrvatska.

In 2008, a special department was established within the company called “TE cooling”. The purpose of this department was the distribution of pumps and systems that operate under high pressure in order to cool open and closed spaces and maintain the humidity of air in those spaces.

TE cooling is the first company that started to operate in this business field on the territory of Serbia.

We started by discretely listening to the catering market, which was our first target group, and which was quite reserved towards this type of cooling at first. After several exclusive catering establishments at some of the best locations in Novi Sad and Belgrade, this type of cooling the catering establishments was no longer a secret.

In 2012, new markets of animal farms have opened, first of all chickens (broilers), and greenhouse markets, and one of the biggest projects we performed at the time was the project of Belgrade Markets where we designed and performed works on cooling and bedewing of the 3 the largest markets in Belgrade, with each surface being about 4000 m2.

In 2013, a separate company Te cooling & heating was established, which was in charge of executing the works and system maintenance above anything else.

In 2014, we start to work on serious industrial buildings, hotels, sport centers, and plant nurseries, and we participate in advertising campaigns. We also become a reliable partner of the faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad, with which we work on the project of plant revival in the nurseries. One of the most modern and completely automatized system for maintenance of humidity of air by using purified distilled water was installed at their location.

In 2015, we enter a completely new market – Qatar. The richest country in the world has a necessity for the cooling systems, considering that they have 365 summer days a year. An enormous project of cooling a special bird cage of 6.500 m2 was completed. TE cooling was also the contractor for this project.

Moreover, the year of 2015 is the year when we confirmed numerous big and new projects, since the design and implementation of projects on the Gas Warehouse of Banatski Dvor, that operates within the company Srbijagas, has been done. Calculation, design and execution of works on the pre-cooling of large external heat exchanger units have been performed.

Considering the climate change and summers becoming warmer and warmer, pre-cooling of air conditioners and chillers represents a branch that will surely develop in the future…

In 2016, Te cooling & heating d.o.o. sets the highest bar so far, and works on the biggest project ever since its establishment – NIS GAZPROM NEFT –Oil Refinery Pancevo.

In addition to this project, it still continues with its activities in the field of cooling of catering establishments, industry, greenhouses, and maintenance of humidity of air.

In addition to this, it also continues with its activities on the market of Qatar, and other markets, such as Croatia and Montenegro.