TE cooling systems concentrate ultra small drops of water not larger than 5 microns (which is thinner than human hair), and thus have the ability to suppress just as small particles from the air. These tiny particles instantly absorb dust, and create water blanket around them, which increases the weight of the particles in the air and makes them fall to the ground while leaving the air behind clean.

Mist TE cooling systems help with effective removal of dust particles, not larger than 0.1-1000 microns that a person breathes in. Dust particles have were little room to escape under the finest water mist from our systems!

Thanks to its modular structure, TE cooling systems allow a very easy installation as opposed to other dust suppression systems that require reconstructions and upgrades of buildings at constant cost and without any flexibility!

TE cooling systems can be installed in spaces where painting of various materials is performed, in mines, quarries, areas where there is large circulation of trucks, places of unloading of goods that raise dust, steelworks, cement factories, places for unloading of ores, rocks, in coal warehouses, and plants for recycling and processing.
Units will be placed near the site that cause the dust particles to rise in the air. Where concentration is the greatest.


  • TE cooling systems are modular and therefore the assembly of their parts can be adapted to each individual situation, depending on the location of the dust emission, the machine typology, the quality and quantity of dust it produces. The ease and small size of the nozzles and pipes allow easy-to-use assembly close to the site which being treated.
  • Installation is very easy and does not require any special planning of the project nor the permit, while the assembly itself does not require the shutdown of the factory or facility in which it is installed.
  • System operates completely automatically and does not require special attention.
  • Due to their special design, the nozzles can be completely and easily cleaned.
  • Maintenance is minimal and components are not subject to wear and tear.
  • It is possible to treat yards and storage units as well.
  • System emits only water.
  • The amount of water used is very small and negligible and the moisture of the material after treatment is zero!


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