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Gardens cooled in such a way attract guests all day, and they stay longer on cooled balconies, which significantly increases your income from the sale of food and beverages, and at the same time reduces the cost of air conditioning in indoor premises!
In addition to this, this way of cooling the balconies and gardens makes the catering facility more attractive and attracts potential and curious guests, and the staff is more efficient because it can easier perform the tasks more easily!
Mist cooling systems also reduce the number of insects and the amount of dust on balconies and gardens because the "water wall" of this system prevents insects and small particles of dust from entering the cooled space of your garden!

By purchasing a TE cooling system, you get a garden full of satisfied guests!

TE cooling systems

  • Perform efficient cooling of the air in open, semi-open and even closed areas
  • They create optimum air humidity without moistening guests and tables
  • They removes particles of dust from the air
  • They reduce the number of insects in gardens or balconies

TE cooling systems are very easily adapted and installed in every facility. Using 70 bar pressure water, the cooling system creates ultra-fine particles that create the finest mist that absorbs heat from the air and this heat affects this foggy mist to quickly evaporate in the air without creating a humid environment.

The TE cooling systems consist of a high pressure pump (70 bar), flexible polyethylene hoses with specially patented jet nozzles / sprinklers, which are distributed according to the wishes and requirements of the owner and the requirements of the building itself.


Vrdnička kula

etno naselje - Vrdnik, Srbija

Hippocampus, hotel

Kotor Stari grad, Montenegro


Concept bar, Novi Sad, Srbija

Top Hil

Diskoteka, Budva, Montenegro


concept bar - Beograd, Srbija

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