TE cooling presents its innovation in our market. We present the application of evaporative cooling system in order to create visual effects.
High pressure pump + water spray nozzles = unforgettable impression.
Nowadays, marketing and the way to present your product in a different and more impressive manner is something that everyone is trying to do. Our TE cooling systems make this seem incredibly easy.

In addition to the visual effect, a pleasant feeling of cooling during the summer periods is created, which can only increase the experience the users.

Send us some ideas and we will give you a proposal that surely won’t leave you indifferent.


„Knjaz Miloš“

reklama / vizuelni efekti - Ada, Beograd, Srbija


reklama / vizuelni efekti - Budva, Montenegro

„Coca Cola“

reklama bilbord, Beograd, Srbija

Inovate d.o.o.

Beograd, Srbija - preduzeće za projektovanje i izvođenje reklamne opreme 

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