Creating a favorable micro climate in all seasons. The air humidity control is very accurate and is done by combining the seconds timer and the hygrostat (humidity regulator) with a high quality probe. This configuration can also be connected to a user's computer whereby the settings of the parameters can be further improved and even controlled online.

Filtration of water that we can reach goes to the level of distilled water, which is sometimes very important considering the amount of scale and other chemical contents of the water that can cause sedimentation on the leaves of plants.

In summer, rapid evaporation of the water mist produced by TE cooling systems will considerably cool down the facility by using evaporative cooling, which means that the fine particles of water emerging from the nozzle immediately absorb heat for themselves, causing the evaporation of these water particles and the instantaneous cooling of the air.
Normally all breeders have problems with low humidity and high temperatures. A serious problem occurs when the humidity in buildings drops below 30%. The plants will suffer and the time needed for recovery and the process and growth rate will slow down. Many breeders close plastic and glass greenhouses, and green gardens during the summer months, until the ambience and temperature improve and lower to an acceptable level.

TE cooling systems work under pressure of 70 bar and are designed to produce fine particles of water less than 5-10 microns in diameter (thinner than human hair on the head) causing their rapid evaporation and visual fog effect.

Normist systems are LOW COST systems (systems that have very low costs)

The very low cost of maintaining the Misting system in plastic and glass greenhouses is a very important aspect, if we compare it with some other air conditioning control solutions.

Power consumption is very low (from ½ to 1 kW), easy and quick installation, and small water consumption are designed to operate with very little cost and with minimal maintenance.

The benefits of the Mist cooling system are:

  • Increased productivity of plastic and glass greenhouses
  • Accelerated plant growth
  • Maintenance of a constant level of air humidity
  • Less water consumption for irrigation and watering
  • Suitable for spraying plants with chemicals - fertilizers, insecticides ...
  • Creating a favorable micro climate in all seasons


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