The cooling effect can also be combined with air humidity control to increase productivity in specific industries such as the paper, wood and textile industries. Water is injected under high pressure into specially patented nozzles designed to convert water into the finest water vapor particles that are smaller than 10 microns (thinner than human hair), which are instantly absorbed in the air without moistening the surfaces and objects underneath the nozzle. The achieved result is phenomenal! The temperature decreases and dust is instantly removed from the air.

The installation cost is low, and the effect is momentary; the cooling effect is localized only in the spaces you are interested in, the installation possibilities are wide, in closed, semi-open and open spaces.


A very important aspect of our Mist cooling system are limited costs compared to traditional industrial cooling air conditioners. The installation is very simple and fast, as the sets are standardly delivered with polyethylene hoses and quick couplers. Normist systems are designed to work with minimal energy consumption and minimal maintenance costs.


Our systems can localize the cooling effect only where needed, without the need to cool the entire space and waste energy where it is not necessary!


  • Quick and easy installation
  • The average productivity of employees is increased
  • Cooling of space of interest - cooling localization
  • Momentary temperature reduction
  • Control of dust, gas, fumes and other harmful emissions
  • Installation costs reduced by 75%
  • Significant energy savings
  • Reduction of heat stress


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