Struggle with summer heats is a great challenge for feathered animals. They are highly susceptible to heat regardless of species and age, but older poultry is at higher risk. With the race of livestock, the amount of feathers increases, which makes it difficult for them to free themselves from the excess heat.

The most noticeable indicator of heat stress in poultry is panting.
Poultry does not have sweat glands that can cool their skin, as people have. So, instead of evaporating through the skin, the animal cools itself over the throat and respiratory system.

This a cooling system with panting consumes a large amount of energy that causes a significant increase in body temperature. In the end, if they are not free from heat stress, the temperature of the body of poultry continues to grow and the possibility of a fatal outcome, i.e. death is increased. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to relieve the poultry from heat stress.

By placing chickens and poultry in rooms with good ventilation, you will reduce the possibility of heat shock and stress. In addition, misting systems/water mist systems can be additionally placed in the same rooms with good ventilation to help chickens and poultry cool down. 

The death of poultry in summer periods is reduced by -80%


  • The production of milk, eggs, and meat increases
  • Heat stress in animals is reduced
  • and energy consumption decreases
  • feeding time is prolonged and thus the growth of animals is accelerated
  • The result is a cleaner and dry environment
  • Dust is descending
  • The result is a cleaner and dry environment; Dust is descending; Unpleasant smells are being controlled



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