As the word itself says, these systems are mobile, that is, they can be moved. Their application is in locations where there is no possibility of installing a fixed system or a system with fixed fans. Most often, these are places in pedestrian zones or places where the garden is far from the facility from which water could be brought.

Their installation incredibly simple - the product has wheels that allow you to push the mobile fan out of the facility or warehouse, fill it with clean water and plug it in.

The operating modes work according to a time relay, that is, seconds timer, thus providing longer autonomous operation and more pleasant maintenance of ambient cooling.
The devices are completely autonomous and equipped with a high pressure pump, filtration, seconds timer, water loss protection (from dry work), and protection against electric shocks or voltage drops.

We are talking about state-of-the-art devices from the world's best manufacturer Idrobase (Italy), which have a 2 –year warranty period.