The pump creates a water pressure of 70-100 bar and under that pressure pushes water through the tubes to special nozzles that have very small aperture of 0.15 or 0.20 mm (or other diameters, depending on the application), thus creating very fine 5-micron water vapor particles without wetting or dripping.

In order to evaporate, water particles use thermal energy from air and thus cool and create comfortable ambient in the periods of high summer temperatures.

if you didn’t know

Water needs energy in order to evaporate. This phenomenon occurs where, in the absence of external source of energy, water (humidity) in the air absorbs the energy in order to evaporate from the surrounding environment. 2501 kJ for every kilo of evaporated water, thus resulting in cooling of the air.

We can say that by evaporating of the water, the heat we feel in the air (temperature) converts into latent heat. This type of cooling is referred to as "evaporative cooling" or adiabatic air cooling.

Very low power consumption means that evaporative cooling systems are very environmentally friendly.

100 kg / hour of water absorbs about 69 kW of heat from the air, and for that consumes 1 kW of electricity !!

For operation of the system, plain water from water supply systems or treated water from other sources is used, and it passes through mandatory and standard mechanical filtration.
High-quality pumps have all the necessary accessories installed to keep the system functioning perfectly, to protect against unwanted water or electricity shortages, and to allow the system to function without any dripping!

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