• It improves fermentation and increases the quality of tobacco
  • It provides elasticity of outer sheets
  • It prevents loss of aroma during the storage of finished products
  • It prevents drying and crushing of cigars and cigarettes in warehouses and stores

Tobacco is extremely hygroscopic (absorbs or releases moisture until a balance between tobacco and air is achieved). The air extracts moisture from tobacco if the tobacco is damper than the ambient temperature in which it is located. This is a simple drying mechanism. If the drying of stored tobacco is to be avoided, it is enough to ensure a balance between the moisture content of the air and the desired moisture content in the tobacco.

Recommended values of relative humidity of air in the warehouse and processing of tobacco:



od – do°C

Rel. humidity

od – do %

Average value

% r.v.
Storage of raw tobacco

20 – 25°C
70 – 80%

Storage of paper filters
20 – 22°C
55– 65%

Wet room for rolling
25 – 30°C

Preparation of the outer sheets
5 – 10°C

Cutting room
22 – 24°C

Production plant units
20 – 22°C
20 – 26°C

Cigarette storage
18 – 20°C
55 – 60%

“Walk-In” humidors
18 – 20°C
55 – 60%

* Fermentation is also improved without presence of mold.

** In order to achieve the desired elasticity of the outer sheets, the air must be saturated with moisture.

*** The appropriate air humidity ensures that cigarettes slightly lose their humidity and that they are stored on a humidity level suitable for packaging. The air that is too dry causes a loss of aroma. The air that is too damp leads to the formation of mold.

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